Film & Sociology has made from its establishment in 1991 more than 170 documentary films directed by the leading Czech documentary filmmakers.


Film & Sociology  is the producer of the film Citizen Havel - the most successful documentary film on the Czech cinema circuit since 1989.

Čeština (Česká republika)English (United Kingdom)


Bohemia is Greek to me

This documentary clarifys the Czech-German relationship and dispels disillusions and misunderstanding. A collection of interviews with contemporary witnesses is taking place in different locations, including the borderlands where German inhabitants used to be a majority. One of the key sequences presents director Samuel Fuller who, as a private in the US army, liberated the town of Sokolov and documented the atrocities at a concentration camp. Another scene describes the town of Hranice in the “As bulge”, where the “Iron Curtain” was closely watched during Communist rule. This mosaic, embellished with picturesque landscape panoramas, also contains the interesting memories of writer Lenka Reinerová. 
The film was made with the support of MEDIA Programme, State fund of the Czech Republic for the support and development of Czech cinematography and Czech-German future fund.
Directed by: Peter Zach
DOP: Peter Zach
Edited by: Peter Zach
Original Idea: Peter Zach, Jana Cisar
Running Time: 78 min
Year of Production: 2013

Treating History

Research into the legacy of František Kriegel.
This documentary essay sets out in search of the legacy of Franisek Kriegel, doctor, planner, politician, Communist, Chartist and idealist, who in August 1968, as the only member of the Central Committee of the Czechoslovak Communist Party, took the active step of standing against the invasion of the “friendly forces” of the Warsaw Pact by refusing to sign the Moscow Protocol. A prize bearing his name, awarded since the 1980s by Charter 77 Foundation, keeps his legacy in the collective memory and puts a spotlight on his successors. The film tells the life stories of three of them – the civic activist and anarchist, Jakub Polák; the fighter against corruption and senator,Alena Dernerova; and the former director of the State Environmental Fund and whistle-blower in the “Drobil case”, Libor Michalek.
The longer film version includes another František Kriegel Award laureate – Frantisek Lizna.
The film was made with the financial support of the State fund of the Czech Republic for the support and development of Czech cinematography.
Directed by: Vít Janeček
DOP: Braňo Pažitka
Sound: Jan Richtr
Edited by: Hedvika Hansalová
Dramaturgy: Jan Gogola ml.
Original Idea: Martin Groman, Vít Janeček
Running Time: 52/80 min
Year of Production:  2013

Four Velvet Men Then and Now


Tuesday, 22 May 2018 04:45
The film Olga directed by Miroslav Janek will be screened in Budapest June 1 2018 at the COURAGE-Parevo International Documentary Film Festival dedicated to the counterculture, dissent and cultural opposition in the former socialist countries in Eastern Europe. Further screenings will take place in Warsaw, Zagreb, Bucharest, Bratislava and Prague. COURAGE-PAREVO International Documentary More...
Friday, 20 March 2015 12:31
Film Nataši Dudínské a Taťány Markové Holky z fildy / Revolution Girls byl uveden na festivalu PAREVO v Evropském centru Solidarity v Gdaňsku. V přehlídce dokumentárních filmů ilustrujících společenské proměny v zemích Visegrádské čtyřky v uplynulých pětadvaceti letech reprezentoval Českou More...
Friday, 27 February 2015 09:02
Film Olga režiséra Miroslava Janka, uvedený na festivalech Jeden svět, MFF Karlovy Vary, MFDF Jihlava a DokLeipzig, se stal džitelem Českého lva za nejlepší dokument roku More...

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