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Diamond Czech Style

How does a popular obscenity become a cultural symbol,or why does the diamond make the Czechs smile?

A documentary about a uniquely Czech depiction of the female crotch as a diamond with a vertical line in the middle. The original vulgarity painted on walls and in public toilets with its recorded history reaching to the 17th century became a phenomenon that entered the highest levels of Czech art in the 20th century – be it drama, literature (Milan Kundera), visual art (Štyrský) or film. At the same time, it left its humorous mark on the Czech population by giving it its „diamond perspective“. Paradoxically, the Czech diamond thus has become, though officially overlooked, an actual part of the Czech cultural heritage. The author will take a historical, cultural anthropological and sociological perspective on this graphic symbol. Director: Rudolf Šmíd.

A film with elements of a classic documentary, re-enactments and animation techniques.

How I Became a Partisan

'How I Became a Partisan' is searching for personal identity and Romany identity through history of World War II.

Romany director Vera Lacková uncover fates of five Roma partisans in the former Czechoslovakia on her own family background. Through interviews with descendants, those who remember, or with help of documents from archives Vera demolish the long-held stereotype of Roma as mere victims of Nazism. She wants to show Roma whose deeds go beyond the history of a minority ethnic group and deservedly form part of European history. During her search she comes up against deep-rooted prejudice, indifference and hatred towards the Roma community, both in the memories of those she interviews and during her search in the present. In a symbolic way Vera will try to rectify the historic injustice towards her ethnic group and her family by erection of a monument in a place where family of her great-grandfather was executed.

'How I Became a Partisan' has been selected for the Ex Oriente Film 2019. EOF is a training programme focused on development  and funding of creative documentary film from Central and Eastern Europe.


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