Filmed with truthfulness and authenticity over six years, a raw coming of age of four young men who were forced to be separated from their families at a tender age and grow up in a children’s home. They do theatre, train for a vocational certificate in cooking or welding, make friends, and struggle with family traumas and social exclusion. In their small provincial hometowns in the Czech Republic, opportunities and motivation are in short supply – unemployment, discrimination, and poverty abound, leading to abuse, mental issues, self-destruction, or addiction. In scenes with their parents and siblings, we realise that they have grown up with poor role models, without social norms.

Deprived of affection, protection, and communication, they long for love and struggle to escape their fates and make something out of themselves. Yet, assuming responsibility for themselves and their families does not come easy. Can they escape the inevitable and break the vicious circle?

The film was made with the financial support of the State fund of the Czech Republic for the support and development of Czech cinematography.

Jana Boršková
David Šachl, Jana Boršková
Blanka Kulová, Jíří Brožek
Vladimír Chrastil
Running time:
77 min
Year of production



© Film & Sociology, Adam Rakovský, Czech television

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