What to Tell the Kids?

"Toy stories" of the Velvet Revolution.

In 2014 we celebrated the 25th anniversary of the fall of communism in Czechoslovakia. What should we tell the kids about what happened before they were even born? For them, it is the distant past. We don't want the kids to get bored, so let's tell it to them as a story.

We'll take some toys and act out the Story of the Revolution.

Director, script: Miroslav Trejtnar, Taťána Marková
Cinematography: Libor Kozák, Dalibor Fencl
Sound: Jiří Koťátko, Jan Richtr, Miroslav Šimčík
Editing: Matouš Outrata
Dramaturgy: Jan Gogola ml.
Runnig time: 27 min
Year of production: 2014

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Felvidek. Caught in Between

Felvidek: Caught in Between unravels the history which continues to be a soft spot for people whose fates were hit by the events after World War II. Some wounds are hard to heal, some questions remain unanswered but the future brings hope for reconciliation. When memories are not enough, the stories come to live through animation. The film combines oral history documentary, archive footage and animation. The narrative deals with a sensitive theme: the forced resettlement of ethnic Hungarians in postwar Czechoslovakia.

Director: Vladislava Plančíková
Cinemtography: Dušan Husár
Sound: Igor Baar
Editing: Zuzana Cseplö, Terézia Mikulášová
Dramaturgy: Peter Kerekeš, Gesa Marten, Tomáš Kaminský
Running time: 75 min
Year of production: 2014


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The police couldn't break her, the Castle didn't change her: The remarkable story of Václav Havel's reluctant first lady.

Olga Havel was the closest and most trustworthy companion of Václav Havel, a friend who was never a spoilsport – on the contrary, she initiated the fun herself – a generous host, passionate games-player and mushroom-gatherer, a nature-lover, sharp commentator, courageous and diligent dissident; a wise and practical woman, always with her feet on the ground and true to herself. In 1990 she founded the Výbor dobré vůle (Committee of Good Will), still doing its good work today.

The Filmmakers: We had no intention to reveal new facts and surprising truths. We will encounter Olga Havel in the film, listen to snatches of her monologues and be able to think them over when we return from the cinema.

It is an attempt to reconstruct her personality through her attitudes to life, and to present the time in which she lived. The last word in the film goes to Olga Havel herself.

Director: Miroslav Janek
Cinematography: Miroslav Janek
Sound: Vladimír Chrastil
Editing: Antonie Janková
Dramaturgy: Hana Jemelíková
Running time: 87 min
Year of production: 2014
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Velvet Divorce

It is the story of the dissolution of one state – Czechoslovakia – at the end of the twentieth century, in the middle of Europe, and in the embrace of democracy. Internationally, the division of Czechoslovakia was called a Velvet Divorce in comparison with what happened in the dissolution of the former Yugoslavia. What about now? Are we happy with our Velvet Divorce?

Director: Martin Hanzlíček
Cinematography: Braňo Pažitka
Sound: Jan Richtr
Editing: Martin Hanzlíček
Dramaturgy: Ivan Stehlík
Running time: 78 min
Year of production: 2014


© Film & Sociology, Czech Television, CinemArt 2014

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